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We are a local brewery, but chances are we’re not a short walk down the street for you. It’s cool, because who doesn’t like a good road trip, right? Yes, we know fuel is expensive and that bar down the street serves a lot of good beer … which brings us to the matter at hand: (INSERT CITY NAME HERE) BEER WEEK!

Legend has it that the first city to host a beer week was Philadelphia way back in 2008. Now there are more than 100 cities participating with their very own version of a city-wide, week-long beer festival. While we can’t participate in all of them, there are a few cities we’ll brew a special beer for.

Our beer week beers are one-off creations made specifically for each city and served solely on draught. Because they’re “special ales” we change the style every year. The 30 barrel pilot brew house we use for these projects (pictured here) has cranked out some incredible liquid. For instance, Pittsburgh Left was such a hit that it eventually became an autumn seasonal release we call 2XRYE, a double rye IPA. While not all beer week beers hit the shelves in bottles, you’ll be sure that we always aim for perfection.

Cheers, slainte, prost, salut, na zdorovje, and enjoy your local Southern Tier Beer!

Pitt Buffalo
Nashville Chat ATL
beer week_Philly 215 tap Cleveland NTX