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A Celebration of Buffalo Beer WeekPrint

Whenever we are informed of a new “beer week,” our head of research and development gets to work on something one of a kind. From time to time, these one-off beers see new life in our seasonal rotation. This time we’ve gone the other way around. We’ve taken an already excellent beer and made it even better. Our soon-to-be released Tier de Garde (Belgian IPA w/ grapefruit) was ripe for the picking. We asked Joe Reynolds to describe this year’s Buffalo Local.

I was so pleased with the Tier de Garde (our new Belgian IPA with grapefruit peel) that I wanted to try other citrus fruits paired with Belgian yeast. For this year’s Buffalo Local, I used 60 pounds of frozen tangerine peel on top of Styrian Goldings whole leaf hops in the hop back (shown in the photo). The best part about using frozen rather than dried was all the sticky juice that came with the peel. Tons ofBuffalo Local Hopback extra flavor. There is an awesome synergy between the tangerine peel and the Azacca hops. The Azacca are often described as having a spicy citrus, notably tangerine-like aroma.

The toasty biscuit contribution from the Munich malt helps balance out the bitterness without making it cloyingly sweet. Alcohol is on the lower side at 5.1%, making this a bit more approachable even with the strong hop charge and relatively high IBU’s. Overall a well-balanced, “sessionable” Belgian pale for our Buffalonian neighbors. Cheers to Buffalo!

Belgian Style Ale with Tangerine Peel 4 types of malts, 3 varieties of hops

ABV: 5.1%
COLOR: Light Gold
APPEARANCE: light gold, sticky white lacing, brilliant clarity
AROMA: citrusy (tangerine), vinous, light stone fruit (peach/nectarine), Belgian spice, toasty malt
MOUTHFEEL: lighter body, effervescent, clean bitterness, dry finish
FLAVOR: spicy tangerine, biscuit, fruity peach/nectarine

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