Hey Pittsburgh - we are SO overwhelmed with your support and fervor for our opening on the North Shore in Pittsburgh. Seriously, from hundreds of messages & calls to crashing our whole website when we announced our PGH pub, you guys (yinz?) are AWESOME & we are ready to share a pint with you. You can expect a whole page dedicated to our brewpubs when we relaunch our website in early 2017 (oops… let it slip! More on that soon) but for now, here’s some info for you.

Here’s what you need to know:



Pittsburgh is the home of the first satellite brewpub from Southern Tier Brewing Co., which was founded in Lakewood, NY less 3 hours north of PGH in 2002. We’re known for brewing world-class hoppy ales and decadent dessert beers alike, but what many folks know us for is the experience they have when our visiting our brewery. At STBC PGH, you can expect the full Southern Tier Experience.

We take our food as seriously as we do our beer. Our full kitchen aims to pair each house made dish, from sweet to savory, with our handcrafted brews. More on the full menu soon,

Now, about the brews. What you see inside these walls is a German-designed Krones Micro Cube capable of cranking out about 8.5 bbls per turn (10hL to be exact.) Beside that, you’ll note eight 25 hL fermenters. We’ll brew local-only beers for the pub (some that’ll stay local, some that’ll go into full production in Lakewood), local collaborations, and beers that are just plain fun.

Four of the fermenters act as serving tanks, so the beer will flow directly from the vessel to the tap tower – as fresh as it gets!

Of the 30 taps in house, we’ll have a few on from our friends and partners at Victory Brewing Co. If you’ve not heard, as of early 2016, STBC and VBC have been united in brewing under one shared vision and ownership group. So while you’re here sipping on Southern Tier 2XIPA or Nu Skool IPA, you can also grab a fresh, delicious brew from Victory.


On Reservations:

  • We ARE taking reservations for Monday- Thursday only. To best serve all of our guests on the weekend, we are first come first serve. Currently, we are not using a call ahead program for the weekends. Simply stop in! 

Regular Hours:

  • Sunday - Thursday: 11am – 10pm
  • Friday – Saturday: 11am – 12am

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Share a pint with us today, Pittsburgh!

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