And… done.

Back in March we began construction on a new conditioning room. It was finished in early June, and filled up a few days later with kegs, finished cases, specialty malts and hops.  It’s a 10,000 square foot room, large enough for us to store and stage orders for shipping. Our goal is to brew, package and ship beer as quickly as we can while maintaining strict quality standards. All of our beer is stored for as little time as possible, in a cozy cool room. The photo (above) is a birds-eye view of just a portion of the room. We don’t have any birds living in here, by the way, that’s just a figure of speech…

Changes, changes. If you’ve visited or driven past the brewery recently, you might have noticed a rather large crane behind the building. We’re in the midst of another expansion, this time we’re making room for a larger conditioning room and storage/staging area. The 10,000 square foot addition will be completed in the spring.

Another project for the spring: a permanent outdoor stage. Summer visitors will experience live entertainment on the stage by local and regional acts. Follow us here, and on Facebook and Twitter for our live music schedule.

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