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Just Brew it!

(updated Mar 8)

We’re rocking and rolling and getting the metaphorical bugs worked out of the system. It has been a while and there is work yet to be done, but the new brewhouse is looking snappy.  Crews from the southern tier area, Buffalo, New York and Germany are wrapping things up – literally! Steel skin is being installed over insulation on a number of vessels and pipes. What a scene.

new brewery exterior_jan



Moving Right Along

(updated January 18)

It may not look like we’re nearly ready to brew, but with every passing day we’re nearer our goal. The major construction has quieted down from dozens of specialists working in concert, to just a few people doing finish work. Before long the smells of saws and welding will be replaced with the aromas of hops and roasted malts.

new brewery exterior_jan

Buttoned Up

(updated January 11)

The weather has been mild so far this winter, making the exterior work a little less dreadful for the crew. Looking good, eh?

Silos and Interior Progress

(updated November 9)

In a matter of a few hours five silos were set in place. The catwalk and connecting tubes were installed and we’re one step closer to a working brewhouse. Meanwhile inside work continues, with insulation and drywall hung and prepped for paint. Downstairs the electricians have been busy and the pipefitting is nearly complete. What an incredible crew, working tirelessly week after week. Tip of the hat and raise a glass!

October Begins

(updated October 2)

A drive by the brewery won’t reveal too much to the casual observer, but a closer look inside the curtain shows daily progress. The brewing vessels have been craned into place. Welding and cutting continues. One floor has been tiled, the control room has been framed and flooring has begun. And the spectacular roof is on. All of this is happening on one side of the building. On the other, the pad is readied for the 6 fermenters now making their way across the state. 

September Progress

(updated September 18)

The last days of summer were busy for our construction crew, but also for the New York State Police and the Department of Transportation. With help from our local governmental officials and a few phone calls, and some special permits, our 110 BBL lauter tun was inched across the state. A wide load, it seems, needs a police escort to travel across the state. All is well, and the hole in the floor (ceiling) has been filled with on big vessel.  Not to be outdone, the timber frame roof was also installed. Massive joists were hand built and assembled not far from the brewery. Once on site, the pieces fit together masterfully.

It’s a Marathon

(updated August 1)

The Olympics are taking place in England, but here in Lakewood, New York, we’re in the middle of our own marathon. Entering August, we’re a full month into our 110 BBL brewhouse construction project. In the photo below you’ll see what you won’t see when the building is complete; the beginnings of the piers to hold our lautertun and whirlpool. These steel bars will soon be encased in concrete.

Jack and Paul check blue prints shortly before breaking the camera. To the left, workers adjust rebar which will eventually support a lautertun. At right, supports for the whirlpool are in the early stages, getting prepared for another big mud pour in the next few days.

Scratching at Dirt

Please pardon our mess. Visitors to the brewery this summer have been greeted by excavators, dump trucks and orange fences. All in the name of progress, as ground was broken on our new brewhouse on June 27th. We also began a wastewater tank system project this summer. Work will carry on throughout the summer and into autumn.

In a short time we went from a hole in the ground to the foundation of our new brewhouse.


Work has begun!

We’ll soon break ground on a 110-barrel brewhouse which will increase our production capacity threefold. In anticipation, we have already expanded for a third time since moving to our current location by adding a second conditioning room. With the addition of six 660-barrel fermenters, the cellar will more than double in volume with the ultimate goal of producing 150,000 barrels per year. It is expected that the new brewhouse will be fully operational by Thanksgiving, 2012.

While the brewery intends to open a few small markets in 2013, the focus is to continue to service our existing distribution network. We also expect to add new brands to our already robust lineup, including a new variety pack and a 750mL Belgian series among other plans.

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