”A Stout brewed with Chocolate & Orange Peels – NOW AVAILABLE IN 12oz. FOUR PACKS!”

Choklat OranjChoklat Oranj is the fifth beer currently in our highly regarded Blackwater series. Warlock, Creme Brulee, Mokah and Choklat have RateBeer scores of 97, 98, 99 and 100, respectively. Choklat Oranj is a stout brewed with chocolate and orange peels, opaque black in color, 10.0% abv, and a delicious dessert beer. Perfect alone, or enjoyed as a float. Scoop organic vanilla bean ice cream into a snifter or pint glass and top with Choklat Oranj. It’s impossible to be disappointed.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Particularly tasty with roasted turkey, shortbread cookies, bread pudding. Enjoy alone, or as a float with a scoop of organic vanilla bean ice cream.

AVAILABILITY: Spring release / 12oz Four Pack / 22oz / 1/6 keg


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