ind_bp_farmerstanWhen the sun hangs high overhead and the stars don’t glimmer until well into the evening, there’s nothing better than grabbing another beer. We specially crafted Farmer’s Tan to be the beer you enjoy on those long summer days. At 4.6% abv, it’s one of our lightest, with a smooth body and easy finish. We carefully limited the ingredients to two types of hops and two types of malts for a perfectly balanced, “sessional” India Pale Ale. We’ve got the beer covered. It’s up to you to keep the sunscreen on.

ABOUT THE NAME: Pardon any confusion on the recycled name as this version of Farmer’s Tan is indeed a brand new beer. Long-time Southern Tier fans may remember it as an Imperial Pale Lager, brewed as a summer seasonal (2010-2012). Farmer’s Tan 2014 is a wholly new beer and is different in every way, save for the name.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Particularly tasty when paired with hot dogs, burgers and grilled foods. Cheddar and derby cheeses, pizza and summer fare.

AVAILABILITY: Spring/summmer / 12oz (6pk and 24 bottle cases) / ½ keg, 1/6 keg

BOTTLE CONDITIONED: “For bottle conditioning, a small amount of sugar and yeast is added to the beer so that a small fermentation occurs in each bottle after packaging. This small fermentation does two important things: (1) it contributes carbonation to the beer and (2) it scavenges any residual oxygen that may have gotten into the beer during packaging. By further reducing the oxygen content of our packaged beer, the shelf stability of the beer is improved, making it taste fresher, longer. Bottle conditioning does result in a small amount of sediment in each bottle. This sediment is just brewer’s yeast and is completely harmless, tasteless, and odorless. If you’d rather not see it floating around in your glass, be sure to not agitate the bottle before serving, pour carefully, and leave a few milliliters in the bottom of the bottle at the end of the pour.”



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