Four Headed Wooly Mammoth

A Belgian Style Quad Ale, the first beer released from our Cellar Vault Series.

Meet the Four Headed Wooly Mammoth, our big, bad Belgian Style Quad Ale. It’s the first in our new Cellar Vault Series, which will feature unique & experimental draught-only brews that will pique your senses.

Our first Cellar Vault team got together and decided that their first creation would be a traditional Belgian Style Quad Ale. Because we love to enjoy a good beer after our shifts, and because we don’t usually make a Belgian Quad, the team wanted to treat ourselves with something special. Belgian Style Quads are known for their brilliant amber to dark brown color, higher (7%-12% average) ABV and their dominating caramel, dark sugar & malty sweet flavors. It just so happens that this brilliant, garnet red behemoth is perfect for aging, and perfect for our Cellar Vault Series.

Four Headed Wooly Mammoth, a massive 11% ABV Belgian Quad, is brewed with Dark Belgian Candi Syrup (Kandijstroop Donker) in the boil, which provides notes of anise, dark chocolate, caramel & toasted bread. Candi Syrup, a traditional brewing ingredient in Belgium, also adds a dark hue and a complex Belgian character to the brew, which is fermented with Belgian Abbey Yeast. Having taken more than a dozen trips to Belgium, Sean Lavery, VP of Operations, yearned to brew one of the “treat” beers that he enjoys during his travels. This brilliant garnet-red beer is true to style with its warming 11% ABV, which is balanced perfectly with caramel, dark sugar & malty sweet flavors from the Candi Syrup.


The Cellar Vault Series is VERY RARE. We’ll only be making 30bbls of each on our pilot system & they’ll only be available on draught. The Cellar Vault Series concept was born out of a challenge from Southern Tier founder, Phin DeMink. Brewing, Cellar and Quality teams submitted recipe ideas for limited-edition, well aging beers they wanted to brew. In addition to Phin, the Cellar Vault’s first team includes Quality Manager Matt Dunn, Quality Lead Karen Stangl, VP of Operations Sean Lavery, Lead Creative Brewer Jason Hitchcock & Brewer Geoff Burgess. They’ll be producing five limited-release beers over the next 9-12 months and then handing the reigns to the next team.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Particularly tasty when paired with roasted duck, aged gouda or bread pudding.

AVAILABILITY: VERY LIMITED RELEASE to select markets/ draught-only / 1/6 keg


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