A Super Hopped Ale

According to Greek mythology, the twins Castor and Pollux are said to have been hatched from one egg. What a crazy story! We are more apt to believe in alien intervention and UFOs. You know, something a little less far fetched.

At Southern Tier Brewing Company, heavily hopped beers have been our calling card since Unearthly made its debut in 2006. Gemini is a super hopped ale with six varieties of hops blasting flavor and zapping bitterness in every direction.

Like a geminaut, this beer is two souls in one package; a bitter hop bomb on one side with sweet malts on the other. Travel high into the heavens!

Our art director teamed up with artist Christopher Balaskas to illustrate the Gemini label. See more of Christopher’s work here.

ABOUT THE NAME: We produced Gemini Blended Imperial Ale as a limited release for 4 years until it was discontinued in 2012. The name “Gemini” has deep meaning to us which is why we decided to let it fly one more time. The current version is a brand new creation based on the body, mind and spirit of the original. This is a wholly new beer, but does nod back in time. We know you’ll find the new Gemini Super Hopped Ale to meet your lofty expectations associated with the namesake.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Very high bitterness accentuates spicy foods like Szechuan and Thai dishes, chicken wings. Try with smoked brisket, sharp and blue cheeses and sweet desserts

AVAILABILITY: limited releases, year round / 12oz (6pk and 24 bottle cases) / 1/2 keg, 1/6 keg


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