Barrel Works #1 – Manhattan Ale

NEW FOR 2016! Release event on Black Friday, November 25. RSVP on Facebook.

STBC Manhattan Ale

The Release Event: 
Folks, we are SO excited to share the launch of our Barrel Works Series. We’ve had our eyes set on a barrel aging program and we’ve been releasing limited barrel aged brews for a while now, but this is our first foray into a full series. We hope you’ll join us for the inaugural release event at our brewery in Lakewood, NY on Black Friday 2016.

Join us for the release where we’ll be featuring a DJ & dance (heated) tent, the Empty Pint’s legendary menu and draught pours of Manhattan ale alongside your other STBC favorites.

The Release Event Rules: 
- Draught and bottles only (No growler or crowler fills)
- ONLY available at this release event at the brewery. NO other distribution is planned.

The Beer: 
Introducing Manhattan Ale, inspired by the ever timeless cocktail, we brew this ale with cherry juice, orange peel and coriander, then age it to perfection in Bourbon barrels. it’s a midtown metamorphosis that harmoniously brings our two passions to life in one glass. Cheers, twice over.