Nitro Milk Stout aged in Maple Bourbon Barrels

From AMoser79 on Untappd

We’re in the heart of maple syrup country & it is one of our favorite brewing ingredients. We sourced bourbon barrels that were used to age maple syrup for this special brew. These barrels came from Ashtabula, OH, about 80 miles west of STBC. There’s plenty of syrup left in the barrels when we get them, & plenty of bourbon character. We filled them with milk stout & laid them down for over six months. After aging, we knew we had something really special, but even really special isn’t enough for the Cellar Vault, it had to be truly decadent, so it got the full velvet treatment: NITRO.

This beer cascades for two minutes & leaves a full inch of thick, merengue-like head. The oak lactones & vanillin of the bourbon barrel hit your nose before you can get the glass to your face. Sip it & you’ll get that thick foam all over your nose & your upper lip but you won’t even notice because the roasty, sweet, smooth, maple, positively luxuriant black liquid flowing into your mouth will send you to the moon & back.

But go easy, it’s 10% ABV. Don’t forget to lick your upper lip.


The Cellar Vault Series is VERY RARE. We’ll only be making 30bbls of each on our pilot system & they’ll only be available on draught. The Cellar Vault Series concept was born out of a challenge from Southern Tier founder, Phin DeMink. Brewing, Cellar and Quality teams submitted recipe ideas for limited-edition, well aging beers they wanted to brew. In addition to Phin, the Cellar Vault’s first team includes Quality Manager Matt Dunn, Quality Lead Karen Stangl, VP of Operations Sean Lavery, Lead Creative Brewer Jason Hitchcock & Brewer Geoff Burgess. They’ll be producing five limited-release beers over the next 9-12 months and then handing the reigns to the next team.

Here’s what folks are saying about this beer on Untappd:

“G*d damn electric!” – Jeremiah M.

I’m not usually a fan of nitro beers, but this was really tasty.” – Morey

“Incredible. The perfect stout. Smooth but flavorful. Touch of maple on top.” – Andrew M.

AVAILABILITY: VERY LIMITED RELEASE to select markets/ draught-only / 1/6 keg


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