The Eagle(s) Have Landed

Ten years ago we had yet to sell one bottle of beer. Our cellar consisted of three 40BBL fermenters, they were ours, and in our eyes, they were huge. Fast forward to 2009 when we built our new brewery and the massive 200BBL fermenters came in. What a sight! Now those were huge, completely dwarfing our 100BBLs upgraded from the 40s.  Times and perspectives tend to change.

Our many additions over the last two years have set the stage for us. The arrival of our outdoor fermenter farm of five 660BBL fermenters and one bright beer tank is as exciting as anything that has happened in the last decade for us. This essentially doubles our cellar and we couldn’t be happier. A lot of work is ahead of us, but we’re making it happen. Work on the brewhouse is coming along on schedule and the plan is to have everything online by the holidays. Cheers, and thank you to all for your continued patronage.


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