Pittsburgh Left


A 2016 PITTSBURGH BEER WEEK EXCLUSIVE: West Coast Style India Pale Ale

The creative process of brewing is often reflected in the name of the beer. For our beer week beers, we like to investigate the city we’re brewing for, not only for the recipe but also for the name. We ask questions about famous and iconic places, events, and people. But Pittsburgh is an unique place for one thing that really stood out to us: the way you drive. The altruism you show to your fellow drivers is fantastic.

A few years ago we brewed a double rye ale in honor of this gesture and it eventually became our 2XRYE. Last year, we brewed a double India Style Black Ale that became our 2XIBA.  This year we’re changing things up with a West Coast or “New School” Style India Pale Ale. This is the first test batch we’ve brewed for a beer that would slot right into our hoppy lineup of IPAs. We’re quite excited about it, and we’re proud to brew for Pittsburgh. And your Pittsburgh left? Right neighborly.

Brewer’s Notes:
In this exclusive brew, we used a purposeful malt bill including 2 Row malt, wheat for added body and C-8 for subtle sweetness.

Appropriate bitterness, approachable alcohol content and just sweet enough, this West Coast IPA could someday fit perfectly into our IPA lineup. It joins Live (5.5% ABV), IPA (7% ABV) and 2XIPA (8.2% ABV) and fills a gap in our portfolio. Not only that, but our hoppy ales tend to skew more towards English or East Coast styles, whereas this brew will join 2XSMASH in celebrating a more West Coast flare.

To showcase that West Coast style, we loaded our 30bbl brewhouse’s hopback with 16 lbs. of dank, resinous Mosaic hops for an aroma that screams tropical fruit. This Mosaic blast is balanced perfectly with a bitterering addition of CTZ hops. After that, we dry hopped not once, but TWICE with Mosaic, Simcoe & Equinox hop varieties. It’s a perfect combo of “new school” hops.

Pittsburgh Left 2016 is citrusy & tropical with low residual sweetness and a brilliant goldenrod hue. It’s impeccably clean with a dry finish which allows the new school hops to shine.

Cheers, Pittsburgh!

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