2XOak’d IPA

“Double IPA brewed with NY state maple syrup & fermented on French oak”

We took an 8.2% ABV, 65 IBU Double IPA & introduced maple syrup locally sourced near our brewery in Western New York & moderately toasted French oak chips. Roasted malts bring a deep amber hue that’s matched by drums of maple syrup, which are added to help boost fermentation & provide a clean, earthy component with a slight residual sweetness. Cascade, Centennial & Chinook hops coalesce to create a spicy, floral, citrus & piney aroma. Finally, the beer is aged on oak chips to round out its mouthfeel & provide amazing balance to each sip.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Particularly tasty with rich, soft cheese, truffle oil fries, roast pork & pancake breakfast.
AVAILABILITY: Limited, January / 12oz (6pk and 24 bottle cases), Draught


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