Special Ale


An American Cream Ale with Lavender

4 types of malts and 4 varieties of hops
ABV: 5.0%
BITTERNESS: Low (24 ibu)
COLOR: 3.8ºL
APPEARANCE: bright gold, fair head retention
AROMA: floral lavender, some spice and pine, tropical fruit
MOUTHFEEL: light body, clean bitterness, smooth, slightly creamy
FLAVOR: grassy and herbal, stone fruit and floral with subtle malt backing and a faintly sweet finish; low bitterness.

We invited Kyle Huling, Donn Lacoste and Travis Clark from Southern Eagle Distributors as guest brewers for this special ale made exclusively for New Orleans, Louisiana. They made the sojourn to Southern Tier brewery just in time for a brew day blizzard.  BAM! SNOW! Welcome to New York!

This is a “lighter” beer, both in color and body.  The body is lightened by the subtle use of flaked maize.  Flaked maize is an adjunct commonly used in American cream ales.  It adds fermentable sugars without too much else.  Judicious use of crystal malts and oats prevent this beer from being watery or thin.

STBC NOLA22_cropThe hops are a shade more non-traditional for the style.  Columbus and Goldings in the kettle and whirlpool respectively with whole leaf Mosaic and dried lavender in the hop back.  (Discerning STBC aficionados may recall the Mosaics from our 2014 2XONE)  The aromatic synergy of lavender and whole leaf Mosaic is crazy.  It fires on all cylinders. Floral, spicy, herbal, berry, fruity, citrus, tea, woody!  And just because we are Southern Tier, we dry hopped it with the experimental hop variety 07270, which added a dose of dank, resinous hop aroma.

Kyle, Donn, Travis and I had a great time brewing this one.  Plus I didn’t have to hoe out the mash tun.  Thanks guys!  Hope everyone down NOLA way enjoys a pint, or two!


Joe Reynolds
Southern Tier Brewing Company


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