WNY Local Sour Project

SourWe worked with local farmers and maltsters to bring you a Western New York exclusive beer. Of course, craft brewing is all about experimenting and at Southern Tier, we revel in that.

This beer was brewed by “Brewer for a Day” contest winners working alongside our head brewer, Dustin, and our director of brewery ops, Sean, as well as the western New York farmers and maltsters who provided the raw materials.

We used 2-Row and Munich malts plus toasted wheat to achieve the beautiful light amber color. This purposeful malt bill was complimented by including Willamette and Newport hops. The recipe called for keeping the bitterness low as not to compete with the lactobacillus sour, and we hit an incredible 6 IBU! It may be the least bitter beer we’ve ever made.

Although Local Sour is brilliant on its own, in the spirit of experimentation, we encourage adding an ounce or so of syrup to the glass. Try using fresh cherry, peach, or strawberry rhubarb syrup. Make your own fruit concentrate by reducing pureed fruit and adding 3 to 1 simple syrup. Then strain out the solids, cool, and add to Local Sour. Start with less than an ounce per serving and increase as necessary. We’ve served Local Sour at our Empty Pint Pub with a syrup made with local honey and Cascade hops. Experiment and share your discoveries with us.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Can be treated as an aperitif. Pairs well with aged Brie, barbequed meats or rich seafood

AVAILABILITY: Very limited availability. Draught sales only


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