North Texas Beer Week 2014

Whenever we are informed of a new “beer week,” beer week_NTX special ale tapour head of research and development gets to work on something one of a kind. From time to time, these one-off beers see new life in our seasonal rotation. For instance, our 2XRye beer got its start as a bespoke brew for 2012’s Pittsburgh beer week. And our popular LIVE bottle conditioned ale was refined as a beer week beer. It is worth noting that we brew new beers each year, so next year’s batch will be something altogether different.

It’s our first time at North Texas Beer Week and we knew we needed to do something unique. XNTX is a single hop pale ale with experimental hops, numerically named 07270.


We asked Joe Reynolds, head of R&D and brewer of this beer for his thoughts on XNTX.

“The #07270 are an experimental variety we picked up from Hopsteiner this past harvest season.  07270 is bred from Apollo (a newer American high alpha hop) and Wye Target (a popular English variety). I wasn’t really sure what to expect but, wow. Huge aroma with lots of complexity. Very resinous with tons of fruit and citrus characters. There’s also subtle aromas of pine and spice on the backend.

The malts are nothing crazy, just 2 Row barley with two varieties of crystal malt to give the hops a little backbone so they have  a stage to dance on.  Generally when I am using new ingredients I try to keep things simple so the unique characters can shine through.”

Single Hop Varietal Pale Ale
5.9% Alc/Vol.
66 IBU (high bitterness)

APPEARANCE: slightly veiled, deep gold
AROMA: dank, citrus (lemon & grapefruit) rind, piney and mild spice notes
MOUTHFEEL: assertive bitterness, moderate carbonation, dry finish
FLAVOR: resinous grapefruit with hints of toasty malt sweetness, finishing clean with an enduring bitterness



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