Pack of Pales

”4 bottles of IPA, Phin & Matt’s & 422 Pale Wheat Ale”

This version of our crowd-pleasing variety pack contains 4 bottles each of our famous India Pale Ale, Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale, and 422 Pale Wheat Ale. A wide selection which makes it perfect for the person trying new beers, or for the seasoned drinker looking for a range of flavor. Our IPA is brewed with 4 varieties of hops and 4 malts and comes in at 7.3% abv. Phin & Matt’s is brewed with 3 varieties of hops and 3 types of malts, and is 5.7% abv. Pale Wheat Ale, known as 422, is a tribute to Earth Day, and at 5.8% is no slouch in this box.

Choices, choices!



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