15-count can variety pack

Life is full of tough choices. Burgers or dogs. Chips or nachos. Mountains or beach. Golf or boat. But when it comes to beer, you can have it all. With 5 varieties of beer, Overpack’d makes it easy for anyone to choose a favorite. One case. 15 great beers. The perfect mix for any occasion!

Overpack’d offers a sampler of some of the finest canned beers from across the Southern Tier portfolio. In 2016, we began putting your favorite ales in cans & we introduced some new favorite ales & lagers alike. Overpack’d features a crowd-pleasing range of ABVs & styles, and it’s also our first can variety pack AND our first 15 pack. Perfect for getting to know us over a nice, long weekend.

  • Nu Skool IPA • 6% ABV – NEW for 2017 – Our newest India Pale Ale might just be our new favorite. Nu Skool IPA explodes with tropical citrus flavors from 5 different varieties of new American & experimental hops.
  • Tangier IPA • 4.6% ABV – A highly drinkable, citrus-forward India Pale Ale brewed with tangerine peels.
  • 8 Days a Week • 4.8% ABV – The only way to describe this beer is Infinitely Drinkable. Refreshing, with a hint of Centennial hops for fruity notes and low bitterness for an easy finish.
  • LIVE Pale Ale • 5.5% ABV – This Citra Hopped Session Pale Ale is one of our favorites to brew. Bright, Citra hops, perfectly balanced.
  • 2XSMaSH IPA • 8.1% ABV – It’s amazing just how complex the flavor & aroma of a single variety of hop & single type of malt can be. 2XSMaSH explodes with piney, tropical and dank character from its single hop: Mosaic.

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