Frequently Asked Questions

We receive dozens of emails a week asking various questions. Here are some common queries and our best responses.


When will Pumking be available in my area?

Pumking is released in mid-July. It is available at the discretion of the distributor and retailer and may or may not be available in all locations at that time. Alongside our usual 22oz bottles of Pumking, you can now buy the King in 12oz four-packs! Check out our Beer Finder to track it down.


Can I order beer from you and have it mailed to me?

No, but there are a number of online beer retailers who are at the ready. We are not affiliated with any of these, but they usually carry some of our products:

Better yet, check out our Beer Finder.


Do you sell kegs? How much do kegs cost?

The short answer is yes. It is best to call ahead (716-763-5479 x 204), as we only accommodate beer sales during Empty Pint Hours. The longer answer is we have a limited supply here at the brewery but ‘year-round’ beers should not be a problem. Seasonal releases, Blackwater and one-off (pub only) beers may not be available. Our local distributor, Arthur Gren Company, may also be contacted for keg sales.

Keg pricing:

Keg deposit is $85.00 per keg, refundable when the keg is returned.
1/6 BBL (5.16 gallons / ~41 pints)
Standard Beers: $37.00 (+ tax & deposit)
2XSeries Beers: $53.00 (+ tax & deposit)
Imperial Beers: $74.00 (+ tax & deposit)
Blackwater Series Beers: $85.00 (+ tax & deposit)

1/2 BBL (15.5 gallons / ~123 pints)
Standard Beers: $95.00 (+ tax & deposit)
2XSeries Beers: $150.00 (+ tax & deposit)
Imperial Beers: $195.00 (+ tax & deposit)


Are your beers vegetarian / vegan friendly?

2xStout and Creme Brulee are two beers containing lactose sugar, a sugar derived from cows milk. Other than the addition of lactose sugar to those two beers, we do not add any animal based ingredients. We do filter with diatomaceous earth (D.E.), a porous sedimentary deposit formed from the fossil remains of diatoms. Most people do not consider this an animal product.


I have a wheat allergy. Which of your beers contain wheat?

422, 2XIPA, Harvest, HopSun, UnEarthly, Iniquity and Live all have wheat in their respective recipes. Of course, with all of our beers there is always a chance of some small contamination of wheat, this is a possibility, although very remote.


I have a Crones disease. Do you make gluten-free beer?

Sorry, we do not.


Can you recommend a place to stay while we’re visiting?

We’re located outside of Lakewood, near Ashville, New York. Check the Chautauqua County Vacation Bureau Website for links to a variety of lodging options.


Do you allow bus tours? Do you have private tours?

Tours are on a first come basis and are limited to 20 people. We’re really not set up for bus tours unless it is a private tour. Private tours are available by booking in advance, but we only offer those once per month (First Saturday at 11AM sharp, minimum of 15 people, max of 20).  We require payment in advance of $12 per person plus a 15% gratuity payable to your guide in order to secure the tour reservation. A link to payment options will be sent via email after the date has been confirmed. Reservations must be secured within two weeks in advance of the tour date, and no refunds will be issued for cancellations. Call us at 716-763-5479 to find out what dates are available.


Can we have  a bachelor(ette) party / wedding reception at the brewery?

We’re not set up for events like this, sorry.


Do you have a smoking section at the pub?

We do not, but ask that smokers be considerate of other craft beer enthusiasts and sit down wind. There is plenty of seating available in our beer garden.


May I bring my dog to the brewery?

Yes, but please do not bring dogs to events (concerts, festivals, pairing events). Otherwise, you may so long as the dog is leashed and is comfortable around crowds of beer drinkers. We ask that you provide your dog with water and clean up after him. Dogs are not allowed in the building for any reason unless it is a service dog.


We see you sell food, but is it okay for us to bring a picnic?

We no longer allow outside food.


What’s with the Star of David on your logo?

It’s actually the Six-point Brewer’s Star, although both stars are similar. There is speculation by historians that the connection between the two is related, suggestions that King David was a brewer. But others believe the emblem is not related to Judaism. At any rate, we use it for it’s significance to the 19th century brewers from Europe who prided themselves upon the six points of purity and their use of this insignia was a declaration of such; representing water, hops, grain, malt, yeast and of course the brewer.

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