Limited ReleaseScience is the Art Collection

Double India Pale Ales Release Bi-Monthly

The Collection

We find science and analytical reasoning surrounds us, from the brew house to the laboratory and beyond.It is where artistry and science merge and the two are indistinguishable. This COLLECTION is an expression of the many ways in which SCIENCE IS THE ART.

The SIX RELEASES study new Double India Pale Ale flavor profiles, testing both the artistry and scientific exactitude of our brewery team. Each label is a frame in a SIX EPISODE STORY, as interpreted by scifi artist, Christopher Balaskas. These are unconventionally named beers, where each is a snapshot of an unfolding SCIENCE FICTION TALE.

Release Three: The Psychic Laser

The third release in our Science is the Art Collection stays with our double IPA theme, but with a twist, as we’ve moved away from our house ale yeast in favor of saison’s estery, earthy and spicy notes. Read More HERE

Release Two: A Wrinkle in the Fabric

This double IPA is another dream for hop heads at 80 IBUs, 8.5% alc/vol. Available beginning March 2 in select areas and March 5 everywhere else. Read More HERE

Release One: All is Well at the Station

This double IPA is a hop head’s dream at 80 IBUs, 8.5% alc/vol. Available beginning January 8, 2018. Read More HERE


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