Like you, our March Madness bracket is in shambles. Lucky for us we’re into the Final Four of the USAToday Craft Beer Bracket.

We’re up against Athens, Georgia’s Terrapin Beer Co. They make good beer, but slow and steady isn’t going to win this race. Click on this link to vote for us, please!




For the 10th year in a row, we’re ranked in the Top 100 Breweries IN THE WORLD by

The List

Where the Helles Summer?

Good question with a simple answer: It’s

Ready to rock? Spring seasonal Goat Boy is An Imperial Weizenbock .


Back to Belgium (Style)
Our Belgian-Style “Grand Arbor” is a Farmhouse Ale brewed with maple syrup. It’s tasty and it’s available now.


Introducing our newest 2X Series seasonal beer, 2XPresso. It’s a double milk stout brewed with coffee beans and lemon peels. MORE


LIVE Concert Series

Two Big Shows Coming to the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts The Live Concert Series continues this November 14th with the return of last year’s stars, Dark Star Orchestra....

Our Pub Menu

Bigger and Better We’re now offering fresh cut pub chips, tacos, grilled cheese, meatloaf and pulled pork sandwiches. All of our food is prepared fresh in our kitchen, including the...

Hop Shop

It’s getting to be harvest time in the world of hops. Our owner and president Phin DeMink and our head of R & D Joe Reynolds headed out to Yakima,...

How to “Cellar” Beer

Dear Southern Tier Beer Lovers, Keep your Southern Tier beers tasty over time by following these easy guidelines; If you intend to cellar beer, do so as soon as possible...

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive dozens of emails a week asking various questions. Here are some common queries and our best responses. Q) When will Pumking be available in my area? A) Pumking...